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SOR Audition Materials

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All you need to know for your audition for School of Rock.
We would like to reiterate that we are not SCARY people and this is a supportive process. Nerves are perfectly normal and will we do our best to put you at ease.
There are 5 steps below:
1) Please learn one of these monologues to present at your audition. (See below or click here to download them)


Give up, just quit, because in this life, you can’t win. Yeah, you can try, but in the end you’re just gonna lose, big time, because the world is run by the Man. The Man, oh, you don’t know the Man. He’s everywhere. In the White House… down the hall… Ms. Mullins, she’s the Man. And the Man ruined the ozone, he’s burning down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank! And there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called rock ‘n roll, but guess what, oh no, the Man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV! So don’t waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome ’cause the Man is just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul. So do yourselves a favor and just GIVE UP!



[about the teachers) They hate me! Yes, they do, I can see. I wasn't always like this, you know, I wasn't always wound this tight. There was a time where I was fun. I was funny! I was. But you can't be funny and be the principle of a prep school! No, you cannot. Because when it comes to their kids, these parents have no sense of humor. No. And if something goes wrong its my head in the smasher. And these parents will come down on me like a nucular bomb! I can't make a mistake! I gotta be perfect! And that pressure has turned me into something that I never wanted to be! [silently mouthing the words]  A bitch!


Student monologues (original gender neutral):

What is going on, Mr Schneebly? Miss Mullins tells us that we learn best by asking questions. We’d like to know what’s going on. We aren’t just a bunch of little douche bags like you think we are. Please just tell us about Battle of the Bands. We’ve heard that Battle of the Bands is like ‘earth and water’ or ‘fire and air’, but what does that mean? Because Zack’s dad says bands are a waste of time! Katie prefers to play the cello. Can you teach us that? Lawrence only plays classical. Freddy says he plays percussion, but really, he only plays the cymbals. How’s this going to work? And what’s Summer going to do?


Mr Schneebly, can I talk to you for a moment? Are we going to compete against other schools in this band thing, because if so, I don’t think I should be in the band. I’m not cool. People in bands are cool. I’m not cool. Nobody ever talks to me. I have no friends. Except Tomika, and she doesn’t speak. You don’t actually understand what it’s like. You’re too cool and I’m just lonely and left out of everything and you wouldn’t ever be able to understand what that is like.


Parent monologue (Freddy’s parent):

Where’s your homework? (Freddy holds up a CD) A CD? What? I don’t believe it! More music? Should I tell you what my homework was? Or how my brother and I had to chop wood and bring it in when we were finished? Jeez, Freddy, if only I had your life…. Don’t even think about interrupting me! Do you even know how much I’m paying for this school or why I plan to pay even more for your Ivy League College? So you can have a career of your choice! Now… pick up that damn hammer, and get to some real work!!!



2) Everyone is required to sing a part of a song of your choice unaccompanied (no more than 2 mins). This can be anything, even something as simple as 'twinkle, twinkle little star'!


IMPORTANT NOTE - in addition to the above:

If you are interested in the part of DEWEY please download and prepare this part of one of his songs:

Dewey Audition Song.pdf

If you are interested in the part of ROSALIE MULLINS please download and prepare this part of one of her songs:

Rosalie Audition Song.pdf



3) We would like you to view the following YouTube clip and prepare a body percussion routine for 'We Will Rock You' by Queen. You can follow along with the video or mix it up a bit in a creative way - whilst still maintaining the beat. We will play the clip during the audition so you can use it.





4) Optional: If you would like to play the part of one of the specific student musicians in Dewey’s class, here are some links to simple tutorials online. There will be a drum kit, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard available at the audition. If you have some skills with any of these instruments we would love for you to show us.

Guitar -

Bass -

Drums -

Keys -




You can use this link to take you to the booking page:

School of Rock Audition Booking Webpage


or here is the QR Code to take you to the same place:

Once on the booking page scroll through to Jan 30 or 31 or Feb 1 to choose the date and time of your audition. Auditions are held at college in the Drama Room.
Note: If you are unavailable on the audition dates it is crucial that you let us know by email or phoning the college office ASAP.
We look forward to meeting you all!